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Hat'ho'nuruodo is a Chiss Grand Admiral, commander of the Chiss Navy and member of the United Triumvirate. She is the longest-running Chiss member of The Gungan Council, has the highest post count of all Chiss characters on internet roleplaying forums and is the former leader of the Galactic Empire.

Further biographical informationEdit


Various blasters, concealed in her boots and blazer.


White Grand Admiral uniform


IRS Shockwave

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Agile, able to use a blaster well and broadly athletic; well read, she is also an excellent tactician, able to work out enemy responses from things such as their favourite books, poetry and music. Though not taught in psychology, she has a keen understanding of how individuals, of various cultures and species, respond in war situations.


She refuses to compromise on matters of honour, causing her to have had a number of court martials and other problems with authorities in various governments.


Tall, slender and toned; in her Grand Admiral's uniform she keeps up the mixed appearance of being competent and firm in demeanour whilst looking smart and attractive.


Strong and self-confident, Hat'ho'nuruodo takes each situation with logic and morality at the centre. Unmoved by threats or promises, she likewise doesn't gloat or weep over victories or losses. She prefers a challenge and respects good opponents as much as good allies. She sees morality as absolute, but the response to morality as vague, treating decision-making with logical utilitarianism.


Teenage Chiss yearsEdit

Hat'ho'nuruodo started out life working as a Communications Officer aboard a Chiss Naval vessel. After helping to win a difficult victory, her Admiral-in-command promoted her to Captain and sent her to command a frigate on the front-line with the Ssi-Ruuvi Imperium. After several incredible victories, she was made an Admiral, and given command of a small fleet to aid the battle, at age 15.

When Admiral Hat'ho'nuruodo arrived, the other fleets had fled and she were faced with the Ssi-Ruuk alone. Recalling her fleet, without losses, to Csilla, she discovered that the other fleets were all away on missions to the east of Chiss space, dealing with a different enemy - and she were sent to make it look like the Chiss were doing something about the Ssi-Ruuvi Imperium, even though the Ascendancy knew she would be defeated. Given authority solely to have an example made of her, she was court-martialed and banished from Chiss space.

She took a Chiss frigate, comparable to a lancer-class, into Imperial space and was adopted as a Captain, her loyal crew joining with her with the belief that she had done nothing wrong. A disgraced fleet officer, she cut her family tie and went by the name Hat'ho'ruodo.

Imperial OfficerEdit

She spent time working in training simulations and real battles against senior members of the Empire and against enemies such as the Republic, winning each one, irrespective of the odds. She was eventually promoted to the role of Admiral, and won major victories against the Republic at Honoghr, Corellia and Yavin with that command. She defeated the shadow Mandalorian fleet at Myrkr and helped to ensnare Kypzethdurron into a Sith trap on Dathomir. She worked hard at using ancient Imperial records and various contacts to map out surrounding areas, uncovering an old warehouse at Wayland (though she were recalled before able to explore).

Whilst an Admiral, she attended a party with Commodore Max Kebron. Getting exceptionally drunk for the first time in her life, she concocted an insane plan that ended with her becoming a slave to Kiara Midnight. After weeks together, they got engaged and got married shortly afterwards.

Imperial CommandEdit

Fleet Admiral Hat'ho'ruodo-Midnight was given the name 'Blue' by the Imperial officers and underlings alike, to avoid the lengthened name, and was granted command of the Galactic Empire's 2nd fleet and its commanding Super Star Destroyer IRS Shockwave.

During this time, she renamed her ship the Dark Jackal for a period of time, and ran attacks against rival Imperial groups as a false group of pirates, raiding planets and destroying shipyards to secure the Galactic Empire's place. After destroying much of the shipyards at Kuat, she repainted and renamed her ship the Blue Beauty.

However, during a Knightfall Alliance (Sith, Yuuzhan Vong, Seperatist and Imperial treaty) attack on Naboo, she was requested by the Chiss Ascendancy to meet in combat, in the Unknown Regions, with General Kothlan, a terrorist leader that seemed to be in possession of powerful weapons.

She returned from General Kothlan's battle in victory to the Galactic Empire, despite an Ascendancy's promotion to Grand Admiral and plea for her to stay, and was then facing a Court Martial. Her fleet was taken from her, except for Interdictors and the Blue Beauty, and she was likely to be facing an execution. She was set free, though, and after Aurulius' escape from his own execution, she had a cleaner future, given the job of using her forces to defeat the Invisible Hand would hopefully put her in high regard with the Empire.

The Invisible Hand were defeated, but not destroyed - and when they returned, she was demoted to Admiral again. She kept the respect of her fleet, though, and was one of the Officers suddenly called to Dantooine to respond to a plot on High Admiral Disra's life by now-Admiral Maxiloriad Kebron. Successfully countering the coup, (though Disra appeared to have been killed), she was promoted to High Admiral under Emperor Kaine's new Empire.

However, Kaine's reign was short, and though Disra re-appeared, he vanished once again - with General Dorlas and High Admiral Drake Pollard both vanishing, leaving newly-promoted Grand Admiral Hathoruodo as the highest-ranking member of the Galactic Empire. At this moment, she replaced herself with a human-replica droid replacement to avoid attempted assassination, which she assumed would be imminent.

Imperial LeadershipEdit

After saving them from a near-catastrophic invasion at Alderaan by the Jedi Council and the Rebellion, she moved to press the attack against the Galactic Underworld at Myrkr. She was winning the battle against strong enemy forces, but was suddenly confronted by Kiara, her ex-wife.

Kiara and Hat'ho'ruodo fought on board her Super-class Star Destroyer, stopping the Chiss from commanding her fleet. As the two matched strength against strength, Arin Ellis' Venator-class Star Destroyer flew into the side of Hathoruodo's Super-class Star Destroyer, tearing a rip down the side through Hathoruodo's office, where she had been fighting, and as a result she was later pronounced dead.

Gone RogueEdit

The news of her death spread quickly, and Imperial xenobiologist and scientist Bill Gould seized control of the Empire. Hat'ho'ruodo wasn't dead, however, as it was simply her replica droid that had been destroyed at Myrkr. Though Kiara Midnight was never seen again, Hat'ho'ruodo met up with her ship, the re-christened IRS Shockwave, and went rogue, leaving the abusive and horrible Imperial remnant behind and keeping her own intelligence network up, galaxy-wide, with bounty hunters working to get her money, funding the reparations to her Super Star Destroyer.

During the Galactic Crusade, she used her intelligence to keep informed on issues and arrived at Naboo with her ship and two associated Star Destroyers, both of which were later destroyed by Mak Manto's accomplice. The first Star Destroyer was Force-pushed away from the planet whilst the second landed in the ocean, causing a tidal wave to devastate Theed. Hat'ho'ruodo met resistance from Angel Hawkmoon, who believed her to be Imperial, and eventually left the planet's vicinity during the chaos that ensued.

She ran the intelligence network, and kept the mostly-Chiss crew healthy, alert and highly-trained and -drilled for battle readiness. After another six months she started picking up unusual intelligence from the unknown regions and was then called to support the Chiss against the killiks, who were raiding Chiss planets on the north-east border. Her intelligence network also assisted other groups who fared similarly.

Chiss AscendancyEdit

She was given command of the Chiss navy, ranked Grand Admiral and given command of the House of Nuruodo, allowed to use all ships to defeat the killiks. Despite very heavy losses, she won the war against killik forces and returned to Csilla three months later to a scene that she didn't expect to see - Csilla stood alone in the middle of a Chiss civil war, in which each house warred against one another; the planet, aided by the Hapans and Mandalorians, remained vaguely neutral.

List of RoleplaysEdit

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Suprise (sic) Attack on Corellia, 18th March to 16th May 2006 - Invasion of Corellia

Slave Auction, 21st March to 23rd April 2006 - as Kiara's slave

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The Yavin Offensive, 10th to 30th April 2006 - Republic attack on Yavin

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Raid on Myrkr, 30th April to 21st May 2006 - Strike at Band of Outlaws on Myrkr

Starstock After Party, 13th May to 1st June 2006 - Introduction to Kiara Midnight

The Alderaan Offensive, 21st May to 11th July 2006 - Death Star assault (and capture) of Jedi Alderaan

3rd Annual Moonlight Ball, 27th May to 12th July 2006 - Date with both wives

Dawn of the Monoliths, 30th May to 8th August 2006 - Inspection of World Devastators with Aurulius

Tripod Alliance, 20th June to 17th July 2006 - Creation of alliance between RIP, Separatists and TGE

The Knightfall Alliance, 4th July to 23rd July 2006 - Formation of Knightfall

The Battle of Yavin IV, 5th July to 25th August 2006 - Attack by Rebellion on Imperial Yavin

Battle of the Fallen, 24th July to 11th September 2006 - Knightfall attack on Naboo

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